Our Team

Scott Phillips, CEO

An experienced and successful trader, Scott oversees all the research and development in the business.  He has built a reputation for understanding markets, especially the human trader element. His daily emails provide a unique and deep understanding of the trading environment.  Scott’s true expertise is designing trading systems that eliminate the human element by using industry validated algorithms.

Howard Bruck, COO

Howard runs the back-office, bringing a background in global corporate operations, finance, and technology at companies including Chase, PepsiCo and the NY Stock Exchange.  He is also a professor at the Fordham University Business School.  

Caroline Labour, Customer Experience Director

Caroline heads up our customer experience team.  She runs our product delivery engine which includes everything from our fantastic group of trading coaches, super-helpful customer support staff, and works with the marketing team to deliver exciting and informative live seminars.  Caroline joins us after a career in management accounting, finance, and money/mindset coaching.

Grant Poulson, Marketing Strategist

Grant is the architect and mechanic behind our marketing efforts.  He also heads up our copywriting team that develops the connection between our company and customers.  

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